The tattoo artist shares the issues it is best to by no means do when getting a colourful tattoo

  • I’m a tattoo artist specializing in black and grey and colour realism designs.
  • Do not anticipate the colour to be the identical as within the reference picture, particularly when cured.
  • Think about getting coloured tattoos in a spot that does not see a lot daylight, and know that you’re going to want touch-ups.

I’ve been a tattoo artist for years. Along with black and grey, I specialise in colour realism designs.

However the latter requires somewhat extra analysis to get the perfect outcomes, so there are some frequent errors individuals make once they’re unprepared.

Discover an artist who focuses on coloured tattoos

Colorful Harry Potter artifact tattoo on arm

Not each artist is aware of find out how to ink coloured tattoos.

Younger Alice

These tattoos require extra information in colour concept in addition to method. Black ink is simpler to saturate and treatment on the pores and skin, so it is simpler for a lot of artists to work with.

Discovering an artist who understands colour and find out how to work it into the pores and skin is essential.

With out an skilled tattoo artist, it is easy to decide on the flawed colours and overwork the pores and skin, which might result in scarring or patches.

Do not anticipate the colour to look precisely just like the reference picture

Your artist will do their finest to get the shade as near the drawing or reference as potential. However as soon as the colour is within the dermis, your pores and skin will act as a pure filter.

This can grow to be extra prevalent as your physique artwork heals and the vibrancy of a brand new tattoo wears off.

For those who’re involved about how the colour will present up in your pores and skin tone or how your pores and skin will react to the ink, ask for a patch check.

Learn how coloured tattoos heal upfront

Two healed tattoos - a bunch of flowers and a butterfly - on the arms

Healed tattoos (left) will not be as vivid as recent ones (proper).

Younger Alice

All tattoos will fade over time, nevertheless coloured tattoos are usually extra sturdy than black ink. It is essential to see your artist’s cured work to know what to anticipate.

Relying on the way you heal, it’s possible you’ll want a touch-up down the road to maintain the tattoo recent and vibrant, which is regular upkeep for colour designs. Every artist has their very own contact coverage, so make sure you test with yours.

All of it is determined by how your pores and skin reacts throughout and after the tattoo, the colours used and the way your artist has saturated the colour.

Count on extra money, and possibly extra ache, for coloured tattoos

Relying on the design and elegance, these tattoos take extra time. Coloration is a little more tough to work with, takes longer to saturate and typically must be inked in a sure order.

Since artists think about time when charging for a tattoo, colour designs will price a bit extra.

In relation to ache, it is not the precise colour ink that hurts extra, it is the pace, depth, shading method, and order during which the colours are positioned that may be extra painful.

Think about choosing a location that does not see a lot solar

Colorful flower tattoo on ribs

Locations that may be simply lined with clothes are good.

Younger Alice

For those who spend lots of time within the solar, contemplate selecting a spot that may be hidden beneath clothes or not typically uncovered.

UV rays from daylight break down the pigment and fade your tattoos, particularly coloured ones.

In order for you your tattoo to be seen, I like to recommend the internal forearm places as they’re largely in the direction of the physique and away from the solar.

Ensure you can decide to the colour

All tattoos are a dedication, however colour designs are ones that folks often do not give sufficient thought to.

Many individuals love coloured tattoos individually, however as soon as they begin planning extra, they understand that their artwork needs to have a cohesive look of black and grey designs. That is simply private desire, however positively one thing to think about.

Additionally take into account that coloured tattoos generally is a little extra maintenance-intensive relating to care and touch-ups.

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