140ft Asteroid Heading For Earth, Nasa Says Scary Asteroid Hits Planet Inside Days

Horrifyingly, NASA has revealed that the asteroid did the truth is hit Earth. Now NASA has warned {that a} 140 toes huge asteroid is heading its method.

Horrifyingly, simply hours earlier than the asteroid hit Earth, NASA realized it was on a collision course with Earth and would nearly actually hit. An asteroid strike on November 19 lit up the sky above southern Ontario, Canada as awestruck bystanders regarded on. The asteroid that hit Earth was named 2022 WJ1. Happily, it didn’t hurt anybody, however NASA scientists reported that it “scattered throughout the sky in Earth’s environment, broke up and scattered small meteors over the southern shores of Lake Ontario.” A shock? The asteroid was detected simply three and a half hours earlier than influence. The explanation for the fortunate ending was that the asteroid was roughly 1 meter (3 toes) throughout. NASA has revealed {that a} 140-foot asteroid is heading in direction of Earth.

NASA is tasked with detecting all near-Earth objects comparable to asteroids and comets that go via Earth’s environment and pose a risk to Earth. NASA’s JPL watchboard offers early warning of doubtless harmful asteroids. The subsequent scary asteroid is coming tomorrow and is shifting at a scary velocity of 39204 km per hour. The asteroid, 150 toes in diameter, is known as 2022 WO4. NASA’s Asteroid Watch Dashboard information exhibits that the asteroid will come as shut as 2.61 million miles to Erath. So is it harmful for Earth?

NASA determines whether or not or not an asteroid is a hazardous asteroid based mostly on its closest strategy, when it falls inside 4.6 million miles or 7.5 million kilometers of Earth and is bigger than about 150 meters. Due to this fact, asteroid 2022 WO4 is a possible risk to Earth. That is why NASA is actively keeping track of this upcoming asteroid. The likelihood that this asteroid will fly by is nice, and the possibilities that it’ll stray anyplace close to Earth the way in which it crashed a few days in the past are slim at this level.

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Do you know that the primary such asteroid was found in 2008, similar to this newest asteroid tracked earlier than it hit Earth? It was asteroid 2008 TC3 that entered the environment over Sudan and broke up into small items. It was a 13-foot-wide or 4-meter-wide asteroid that scattered throughout the Nubian desert as tons of of smaller meteors.

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